Pure Sugar?©

Pure Sugar?©

In the beginning, God created food. Ever since then, people have been changing it. What improvement on God’s creation could reasonably be expected from mankind? What modern marketing tells us is that our white sugar is “pure” but what that means is that it has been chemically isolated from all the nutrients God designed to accompany it. God’s plan was to make you healthy, mankind seeks to become wealthy.

In order for your body to use sugar for fuel, which is its only bodily use, a complicated chemical process called the Krebs Cycle must be completed inside the cells of your body. Each cell is responsible for supplying its own energy through this complex series of chemical reactions. For each successive reaction to occur, there are ingredients which must be present such as magnesium, vitamin B6, and many others we refer to as nutrients.

What happens if an ingredient, a nutrient, is missing? The cycle is not completed and there will be a shortage of energy in that cell which will limit its functioning. When your cells experience limited functioning, so do you.

What happens when lots and lots of sugar is circulating in the bloodstream, but the cells can not complete the Krebs Cycle and even if they could, the amount of sugar present is more than the body needs for energy? “Pure” sugar is an acidic irritant in the bloodstream, and to make matters worse, it’s sticky.

The first effect from the mere presence of excess sugar is that red blood cells begin to become coated with it. This coating hinders the red blood cells from doing their job of carrying oxygen and also causes them to stick to each other. When blood cells stick together, they do not fit through the smallest capillaries in out- of- the- way places such as the retinas and the toes. The pressure in these tiny vessels builds up, and damage occurs. This is why diabetics tend to have problems with blindness, numbness, and poor healing of the extremities.

On the hormonal level, the presence of large quantities of unneeded sugar sends a signal to the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin is a hormone, and hormones make things happen in body. The first thing insulin does is to attempt to drive the sugar across the cell membranes into the cells where it can be processed. When the cells refuse to take in any more sugar, the liver begins to store some of it as glycogen, and the muscles also begin to restock their supply of glycogen. When this avenue is exhausted and there is still a lot of circulating sugar, the insulin causes the body to turn the sugar into fats called triglycerides and store it.

When God made food, much of the sugar was in the form of fructose – fruit sugar. The white crystals we are accustomed to are sucrose. The body handles these forms very differently. Most forms of sugar are absorbed, transported, and processed with the assistance of insulin, but fructose does not require insulin for processing, which is good news if you can’t produce insulin. It’s also good news if you consider that insulin, like the sugars it helps to process, is irritating to the linings of your arteries, and it has been proven that the more insulin you require to sustain your life, the shorter your life will be.

Many studies regarding sugar, corn syrup, and fructose are very misleading. The studies review the effects of “pure” substances compared to one another – not the relative effects of eating natural sugars in their natural context of whole foods complete with all the vitamins and minerals required for processing in the body. No “pure” sugar will ever be handled well in the absence of the nutrients required by the body – even “in moderation.”

Yet another problem with a high sugar diet is that the presence of sugar lowers your immune function. If you eat a donut for breakfast, have a cola with your lunch, eat a sweet snack in the afternoon and have dessert after dinner you spend your entire waking day virtually unprotected against viruses, bacteria, and even cancer. Studies suggest that the average American consumes more than a third of a pound of refined sugars – daily! Moderation, really?

If all this wasn’t enough, sugar is the only fuel cancer cells utilize to replicate and survive. While your healthy cells can run on fats, cancer cells require sugar. Yeast cells also require sugar to breed and thrive. Therefore, excess sugar in your system significantly increases your risk for yeast infection and cancer.

The safest way to satisfy a sweet tooth is to eat whole, raw, fruits in their natural form. Other sweet products that are acceptable in very limited quantities for occasional treats are sucanat, black-strap molasses, and raw honey. These produce less stress for the body than pure sugar while providing useable fuel and some nutrition. Another alternative to sugar is the herb, stevia, which contains no sugar at all and actually helps to balance blood sugar. Artificial sweeteners are toxins to the body, doing far more harm than good.

Remember that every time you consume a “pure” substance, whether protein, fat, or sugar, you are creating a host of deficiencies by denying your body the nutrients God designed and provided for it.

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