7 Keys to AWESOME Health©

7 Keys to AWESOME Health©

Attitude – Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Your attitude is determined by what you believe. You must believe that awesome health is necessary and attainable for you. As long as you feel that unhealthy habits are something you can live with; you will. You must not thwart your progress with stress, tension, or negative thoughts, neither should you allow negative people to pollute your life with discouraging thoughts. Music and entertainment, also, can be positive or negative, depending on the style and its effect on your unique physiology. Be process-oriented rather than outcome-oriented to help you maintain balance in your life.

Water – Drinking high quality water and freshly extracted juices is crucial for awesome health. Your weight in
pounds divided by 2 equals the number of ounces of quality water and fresh, raw juices you need each day. Tap water is not good for those who wish to improve their health. All water should at least be filtered to remove chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful drugs and chemicals. (The fluoride commonly added to drinking water, toothpaste, and mouthwash is a toxic waste product, it’s not the kind your teeth and bones require.)

Elimination – Begin by eliminating from your habits anything which does not support your health, whether that includes unnatural foods, chemicals, thoughts, or even people. It is also very important to remove toxins from your body. The body produces toxins every day, and for this reason it is normal to have a bowel movement after each meal, though few people actually do. When we don’t, toxins remain too long in the intestine and may be reabsorbed into the bloodstream where they circulate throughout the body. Virtually all disease is caused by some combination of malnutrition and toxicity. Implementing good cleansing practices can help to eliminate toxins you have carried for a long time and help you to restore the health you were designed to experience. 

Sleep – You need 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night, but not just any 7 will do. Think you’ll miss something if
you turn in early? You’ll miss a lot more if you don’t! To maximize your health, you need to include the hours between 10:00pm – 2:00am in your sleep schedule. During these hours, and only these, several vital functions are scheduled to occur – and they only happen if you are asleep. Your adrenals get a recharge, your brain processes and stores memories, growth hormone is released, and your immune system gets a boost. When you need a few extra work hours, it’s much better to get up early than to go to bed late. One hour between 10pm and 2am is as good or better than two hours at any other time.

Oxygenation – Every cell in your body depends on a steady supply of oxygen – except for cancer cells. Cancer
cells are anaerobic – they don’t like oxygen. To maximize your oxygen level, learn to breathe correctly from the abdomen rather than from the chest. Practice deep breathing several times each day, especially when you must be sedentary, and always breathe correctly before and during exercise. An acid pH accompanies and aggravates cancer. Deep breathing is a quick and powerful way to help correct an acid pH.

Maximum Nutrition – When nutrients are not present in sufficient amounts, many jobs in the body can’t be
done. We call unfinished business a “symptom,” and it tells us the disease process has begun in the body. Maximizing nutrition doesn’t allow any room for junk. Avoid the 5 whites: white flour, white sugar, white fat (includes fat meat and pasteurized dairy), white salt, and chemicals (artificial sweeteners and flavors, other colors too, alcohol, and, as much as possible, drugs). To maximize nutrition, follow this rule:
Shop in the produce section, then go home. Real food doesn’t require a label!

Exercise – It’s about more than big muscles. Your lymphatic system cleans and nourishes your body. Unlike your circulatory system which relies on your heart to move your blood, your lymphatic system has no pump to circulate lymph fluid. Lymph fluid circulates fully only when you exercise your muscles and breathe correctly. Movement brings nutrients to every cell of your body and carries waste away. Everyone needs exercise every day for at least 20 minutes. Walking is good exercise, rebounding is excellent, and swimming in non-chlorinated water is also very good. Weight lifting is very effective for those who need to improve blood sugar control. Taking your exercise outside to get 20 minutes of sunlight also provides you with vitamin D.

Health is a journey, not a destination. A better life is waiting for you to take the next step.
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7 Keys to AWESOME Health©